Josie Maran Color Stick Haul

Josie Maran Set of 6 Mini Color Sticks

Hey, beauties! Anyone who reads my posts knows my obsession with Josie Maran Cosmetics. QVC had a special on a set of six argan oil color sticks – good for the lips, cheeks, and even eyes.

They are incredibly moisturizing with a nice color payoff. Take note of the first 2 images below. I took a picture of the same color stick on my lips but in different lighting. As you can see, they look completely different. I will say that they look a lot better in the natural light. The first one below is called Happy, and it’s my favorite!





Wild Rose


Summer Lovin


Raspberry Jam


Pink Peony


Escape (paired with Laura Geller’s Lame eye shadow and a drugstore argan oil mascara)

I did not try the escape on my lips. I thought the color would be best used as an eye shadow. I’m happy with the natural results! I do not have any concealer on, just a little highlighter right below my brow.

I know when you point things out on purpose, people will notice things more. However, those pores right beneath my lips are gross!! I really need to find a solution there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! And those lines? OMG…oh well, I’m nearly 46 so I guess I earned them even if I don’t want them!

The sixth stick is colorless – just a really moisturizing balm to use any time of the day. Would love to hear your comments on the color sticks as well!

BTW, I’m really bad at taking selfies. I mean really bad, so please excuse the horrible images!

Stay beautiful!


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  1. Great post, love these colours!

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    1. Thank you! They’re very versatile!

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