Restock of Holy Grail Products for Winter

Hey, beauties! If you follow my blog, you know I am a die hard Josie Maran fan! I incorporate other brands as well, but I couldn’t live without my argan oil, especially during the wintertime! QVC just had a TSV on 3 of Josie’s supersize products. The following are pics of the regular size and the supersizes.


I simply can’t get enough of this luscious, delectable body butter. It’s like spreading whipped cream over your body, and the hydration lasts for more than 24 hours. And the scents? OMG…they are to die for. They’re all natural and no synthetic fragrances. I chose the Vanilla Pear this time around after receiving the 19 oz. caramel apple scent.  I should be good with the amount I have for winter! You just have to experience it for yourself!


Look at that bottle of argan milk! Aside from the body butter, that is my favorite product. It’s made with a particle accelerator where they combine argan oil and purified water giving it a cushiony, milk-like texture and appearance. It’s absorbed deeper into the skin than argan oil – it’s your serum step. I lock all of that hydration in with the argan oil, and my skin has never been in better shape.

Those are just a few of the products that I NEED during the winter season. What is/are your holy grail products for winter?

As always, stay beautiful!


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  1. taryntalksdisney says:

    Ordered this TSV too! Such a good value:)

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  2. Makeup by Erin says:

    I need to try some Josie Maran products! They sound devine!

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    1. OMG!! You really do! You’ll fall in love with the body butter. It’s insanely good and very addicting!

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      1. Makeup by Erin says:

        Okay! I’ll definitely check it out then!!

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  3. I need to try the body butters! They always look so nice. I always thought she was a bit over hyped about her product on QVC but I tried her oils last year and they are awesome!

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  4. SaidaChahid. says:

    I never heard about Josie Maran, maybe it’s because I live in the Netherlands. You made me curious! I will look online to try some of the products. Thank you for sharing! Xx

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    1. Absolutely! Try!

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      1. SaidaChahid. says:

        I will! Thank you. Xx

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