Ulta Mini Haul – Update

Hey, beauties! I went to Ulta today to buy tweezers only. Yeah, right. Well, needless to say, I came back with some goodies that I'm looking forward to trying. Right now, if you spend $19.50 on any Ulta Beauty Collection products, you get a free makeup bag filled with awesome goodies!!     The makeup… Continue reading Ulta Mini Haul – Update

MY Je Ne Sais Quoi Lips

Unfortunately, my lips are not my best asset by far! I love full lips, but I've never had them and never will. However, I still love experimenting with different lip colors. My obsession lately has been It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush 4-in-1 Reviver Lipstick Stain. $20 for a tube of lip stain is a bit steep… Continue reading MY Je Ne Sais Quoi Lips

13 Tips On How To Save Money On Beauty Products

The following is a blog I wrote a few years ago that I think is worth reiterating. Are you spending mucho dollars on beauty products, because you just can’t resist? Are you a beauty junkie who needs to try new and different products? You probably spend more money on beauty products than you should, if… Continue reading 13 Tips On How To Save Money On Beauty Products

Makeup Brush Bargain

Anyone who's into beauty and makeup knows that brushes are vital for correctly applying your makeup. But, not just ANY brush. The brushes have to be quality so they last. I bought several cheaper brush sets, and I wound up throwing them all out. They either fell apart or would shed horribly often leaving bristles… Continue reading Makeup Brush Bargain

Expensive Mascara Brands v. Cheaper Brands

I've been blessed with long, curly eyelashes, so mascaras are not really at the top of my list in terms of what's best. However,  I do still use mascara to darken them. I'm all about the silicone brushes. They don't clump and are extremely easy to use. They seem to find ALL of your lashes… Continue reading Expensive Mascara Brands v. Cheaper Brands

Addicted to WEN??

As much as some of us would never think of using anything to wash our hair with except shampoo, there is a cult following for WEN by Chaz Dean. The 16 oz. cleansing conditioner is $29.00 plus $3 shipping on QVC. A bit steep if you ask me considering you have to use a million… Continue reading Addicted to WEN??

Clarisonic Dupe

Most beauty junkies have heard of the Clarisonic cleansing brush. And, most of us know how expensive it is! But, there is relief for our wallets. ProX by Olay is about $30 in comparison and works just as effectively. New advancements in skin care are often debuted at outrageous prices. However, eventually, the dupes start… Continue reading Clarisonic Dupe