yes to Cucumbers Eye Kit Review

Hey, beauties! I got the chance to use the yes to Cucumbers 2-Step Eye Kit this morning. The strips themselves are extremely saturated with product. They are similar to the Beauty 360 Collagen Hydrating Anti-Aging Eye Masks that I reviewed. The wetness allows them to properly adhere to your skin. As the product is absorbed into… Continue reading yes to Cucumbers Eye Kit Review

Ulta Skin Care Haul

So, yes I went to Ulta again today. I can't seem to stay away from that place lately. I will say this - that place is pure evil!! LOL It's literally overwhelming for me when I'm browsing the aisles. I did have a reason though (we beauty junkies don't need a reason, right?). I've been wanting… Continue reading Ulta Skin Care Haul

Eye Bags/Wrinkles/Dehydration?

Beauty 360 Collagen Hydrating Anti-Aging Eye Masks Wow! These eye masks are so inexpensive and work phenomenally! I have terribly dry eyes, and I'm always picking at them. That's a huge no-no. I noticed fine lines and wrinkles, cross-hatch lines, puffiness, and discoloration. I'd been looking for eye masks, but they were very difficult to find.… Continue reading Eye Bags/Wrinkles/Dehydration?